July 8, 2004

New Photo Section and a few words on movies.

So I saw that Michel Moore movie. What was it again? Oh yea Fahrenheit 9/11. I wasn't impressed. But I didn't pay a single cent to see it (I stole it - Michel Moore told me to) nothings lost but a few hours. Since the movie started out with a big fat lie, it kind of lost credibility with me. (10,000 points to who ever knows what the lie was.) I would have believed the movie too if I wasn't already privy to the information around this particular subject (thank you Frank). The thing that pissed me off most about the movie was that millions of americans are going to believe it verbatim. At least it will help get Bush out of office. Its not every president that has a movie against him.

On more important matters I saw Shrek 2 finally. It was cute and had a lot of humor that went right over the kiddies heads. Didn't let down my expectations but they weren't that high anyway.

I was going to do an entire post on Raising Victor Vargas about a week ago. It was a good movie about a family of 3 coming of age kids and an old grandmother growing up in the Projects. I kept seeing it in video rental places and something about it just made me want to rent it. I didn't even know what it was about. The synopsis I read on Netflix really didn't do it justice.

Victor (Victor Rasuk) is a Latino kid who fancies himself as a bit of a lothario around the ghetto. But when word gets out that he's been romancing a fat girl in the apartment upstairs, his credibility as a stud is thrown into question. So, he finds himself a hot new girlfriend (Judy Marte) to shut everyone up.

Yea... the movie wasn't really about that. Check IMDB for reviews. Oh and it has a pretty good website even though it was never completed. I want to see Five Feet High and Rising but netflix nor my local movie rental store has it. (It's the director's first movie about the same family.)

I commented some photo galleries for your amusement. I can't say I'm too happy about the quality of many of the pictures but they all tell a little story. I need a camera with a bigger aperture. My current one (Nikon Coolpix 995) is nice but its got 3 broken pixels and needs a lot of light. Anyway, enjoy the pictures - they're in a new section dedicated to Events and Outings with my friends.

Nick's Graduation
The 4th of July
The 5th of July with Nina, Ellie, Becky, Jenny, Jason, Brian and Myself


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