April 1, 2004

Oh man...

So I've been watching some dvds. I just finished disk 1 of Season 4 of the soprano's (link on the right side until I return it), I'm also following with season 5 (every sunday). Its a little odd seeing the two story lines join up.

I still haven't seen the "Jesus" movie. But I'm told the European title is "Jesus Chain Saw Massacre" or maybe that was the Shapiro title... I don't remember. A lot of people have died because of this movie though. Here's one more.

Top Story

I continue to love Mac Hall. Its like they haven't had time to think about girls in the past year or so and now they want to be in love.

You can thank Emily over at Apple Geeks for recommending my latest book purchase. Technically its a graphic novel, and then some may say its a comic. Either way some of the best stories I've read (Preacher comes to mind) have been in graphic novel form.

I got 2 pages in when Sarah stole it. She's going to give it back tomorrow. I don't really mind though, I still have Pattern Recognition by William Gibson to finish. Its a book I've been reading for a while now and I intend on getting around to finish it one of these days. It really is a good book, I even named my cell phone "Cayce" after the heroine.

Speaking of cell phones I have a new one. I can send emails with pictures free, I have plenty of minutes (I hope), it has a camera, bluetooth so I can sync it with my calendar and my address book, and the service is cheeper a month then my old sprint phone. I have a (soon to be unlocked so I can use it with any service anywhere in the world) Sony Ericsson T610. It can run java programs, play midi's, and has full network support. I am quite impressed with it.

I even rigged it to control my computer, my music/movies pause when I get a phone call and I can control almost every aspect of my computer from the phone. Using it as a remote for movies as been the most interesting thing so far but it offers a lot more, I'll let you know if I come up with anything ingenious.

There's more, I just checked my voice mail and I got a happy message from my good friends Ellie and Nina, Ellie who just flew in from the UK. I also just got a phone call from Steff. I'm almost embarrassed to say, the attention makes me grin.

Alas I need sleep.
Good night.

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