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Moving Day

Updating has been difficult lately. Mostly because I've moved! I'm now about 5 blocks further away from the hosue I grew up in. Every year I seem to go 5 more blocks down 8th ave.Getting all of our stuff into this new house was a chore. Andrew and myself…


Rummaging though some old files I had left at my Godfather's house (a former residence) I found what was left of my Father's educational folders from my childhood. Why I have these files is beyond me, they seem like something that should belong in a baby …

Kings Highway

I used to hate Kings Highway. It runs from roughly north/south on the east side of brooklyn and swerves left and right, up and down, and grows from 2 lanes to 6 and back again. It just got in the way most of my life. But now I've got a job on it and can't…

Word to the wise

I've got 5 computers that have to be on and chugging tonight to finish a job. The hum is defining. I'm only doing this work for a friend, but one day I'll need to make sure my office isn't next to my bedroom.

This little setup lets this desktop get on th…

What's in a blog

So I finish this big fight with my brother. It was needless and fruitless and it drove me nuts. The cause of all the madness, me trying to help my father.

Go figure.

So I did some good stuff today to unwind. I got to hang out with a very good friend of mi…


I'm sitting on my porch with the two good cats. I'm going over mail and BOOM! Some engine starts and sends all the geese, and baby ducks wild! (Yes we now have at least one family of baby ducks!)

I'm going to try and find the ducklings tomorrow and take p…

Toaster Oven

I got a Toaster Oven for $5 at the Goodwill store. I don't know if everyone knows this but I've been wanted a toaster oven for a long time. Its like an oven with the convenience of a toaster. I can now make my toasted sandwiches with out having to heat up…


Well our fucking landlord wanted to up the rent to $360 per person (didn't matter who was living there). With the same for the security deposit. If he didn't want us living there he should have said something and not pulled this bull shit. Tomorrow I'm go…


So I had to park in a spot between two Suv's one of which had a ticket on it (for not moving during the alternate side parking I'd suspect). The spot was tiny and I bumped both suv's multiple times and even tried to move the one behind my car. (Thank god …

"Also, I was standing in Target today and I almost started shooting people, but then I remembered I was real." - In reference to playing to much GTA: Vice City on

I used to play GTA3 all day and then when driving on the road I'd size up Ambu…

Bad day, good day

I had a good weekend hanging out with bill and his girlfriend. (Sarah too) I had never met her before but I told him that I approve. (I do.)

The next day I spent with Rowan University. I had a bad time and I didn't even finish everything that I needed to …

A quicky dictionary

I was in New York this weekend. I've got a bunch to say but I'll do it later.

For now just know that I got a new pair of shoes and that they came with a free dictionary. Gotta love New York. Oh and got to love Poky too.



Sarah and I took a trip to New York a few weekends ago. She got to see my house, meet my dad, Jenny, and we took my brother Nick down back with us. I'll have photos later tonight. For now Enjoy the movie.

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