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Moving Day

Updating has been difficult lately. Mostly because I've moved! I'm now about 5 blocks further away from the hosue I grew up in. Every year I seem to go 5 more blocks down 8th ave.Getting all of our stuff into this new house was a chore. Andrew and myself…

Miracle Berry Tablets

Miracle fruitor berries makes sour things taste sweet. An effect that apparently is quite amazing.From the supplier's website.The active ingredient in the Miracle Berry Fruit, known as Miraclulin coats the tongue and blocks out the taste bud receptors…

Pret DIY

I'm not sure why they're doing it, but the british now in america healthy food sandwhich and salad shop Pret A Manger has started printing recipies on the backs of their paper bags. The important part is they look delicious. Even though I'll never underst… © 2023.
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