August 4, 2008

Pret DIY

I'm not sure why they're doing it, but the british now in america healthy food sandwhich and salad shop Pret A Manger has started printing recipies on the backs of their paper bags. The important part is they look delicious. Even though I'll never understand the need to use fancy words to try to make food sound more delicious.

Prosciutto Artisan Baguette

1/2 artisan baguette - or a malted grain wholewheat baguette
1 dessertspoon of real mayo
4 slices of tomato
2 slices of prosciutto
Shaved Italian matured cheese (enough to cover the prosciutto)

Cut the baguette almost in half lengthways (leaving one edge still attached) and spread the mayo over the bottom half.
Arrange the tomato slices, followed by the prosciutto, the cheese and finally the basil leaves along the bread.
Close with the top half of the baguette, pressing down gently to keep everything in place.
Eat in the sun with eyes firmly shut and you may just believe that you are in Italy.

I'm not a professional writer or part of some fancy marketing department but I would have called it "Prosciutto and cheese on a roll". Still delicious sounding to me. =)

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