January 17, 2004


"Also, I was standing in Target today and I almost started shooting people, but then I remembered I was real." - In reference to playing to much GTA: Vice City on Thinkless.org

I used to play GTA3 all day and then when driving on the road I'd size up Ambulances and Fire Trucks. To be honest it was kind of creepy.

On a slightly related topic I had an awesome dream where I had to fight some guy and his shadow with my sword so I could get my shield back. And then the 4 of us (we umm.. had just broken out of this castle and now we snuck back in to get our things?) had to fight this cool ghost ladies shadow which was pure evil and quite nasty looking.

Definite zelda influences I can't say that I've seen any other game besides "Wind Waker" with that particular fighting style. (I don't recall wearing green though...) And the ghost lady I think I picked up from an episode of Angle I saw the other day. I've also been playing a bunch of Jedi Academy but the dream was nothing like it so I dunno.

I've got to get some sleep, pack, and then say good bye to this place.


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