June 10, 2004

Word to the wise

I've got 5 computers that have to be on and chugging tonight to finish a job. The hum is defining. I'm only doing this work for a friend, but one day I'll need to make sure my office isn't next to my bedroom.


This little setup lets this desktop get on the wireless network through the laptop. The whole thing is setup in my sink because my bedroom (still unfinished) and my kitchen are the only rooms of my apartment that I've gotten to clean properly and my bedroom doesn't have the desk space.

I'm up late now and I need to get up early tomorrow and I plan on putting in a full days work. The way I figure it, I can finish 3 major jobs all in a day and get some money in the bank as well as cash in my pocket. Then maybe just maybe I'll pay off my yoga membership card and attend a class.

But who am I kidding, if I pull off what I'm planning, I'll probably just sleep =)


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