June 7, 2004

What's in a blog

So I finish this big fight with my brother. It was needless and fruitless and it drove me nuts. The cause of all the madness, me trying to help my father.

Go figure.

So I did some good stuff today to unwind. I got to hang out with a very good friend of mine and watch Being John Malkovich.. the kind of friend who I haven't seen enough of and I'd like to see more of. I did some work in the morning and got most of my domains straightened out. I had to use a lot of my skills to get things to move smoothly and I wasn't even trying to do anything hard.

Frank kept asking me; "How is a normal person supposed to deal with this?"

They can't. Thats why I think my business will work well even if its primary goal is small time.

I'm about to hit the sack, I stayed up to watch the season finale of The Sopranos. It was a good ending but a bad season, you won't find any 4 dvd packs of this one. Only 13 episodes and half of them had little to no purpose.

Sarah yelled at me for giving away stuff, she wasn't serious but it's been on TV already so excuse me if missed it. Regardless I'm not going to say much more about the Sopranos, I just hope I don't need to wait another year and a half for another season, they better put it back on normal rotation. (Never mind Alias was put on second half rotation for next year so the 4th season won't happen for a while. I can't say too many good things about the 3rd season though, Sydney doesn't wear her bangs well, she shouldn't be playing the hurt little girl character. And Vaughn doesn't play the raging heart broken lover very well, I like the show and the characters but I was greatly disappointed this season.

So now for the point, what's in a blog?
Do I use this space for random shit in my life? Do I gossip about my feelings for or about people? Do I account for my actions in life? or do I use this space to just vent?

I have no idea, but I'll continue to write what comes to mind, in the mean time I'm starting my business. And apparently I haven't told everybody, I'm moving back to Brooklyn and I'll be here for a while. New Jersey was nice but I wasn't flourishing there. My friends, my family, my work, and my home is here, and this is where I want to be. I'll miss you rowan people but you won't be far away. If we're meant to keep in touch we will.

I'm also not returning to school in the fall, this next spring I plan to. But this fall I want to keep working on my business and my life. In the mean time I've got a list.

1) Get my self together
2) Fix up my apartment - I've put a lot of work into it already but I'm far from finished.
3) Help my parents clean out problem areas. - Currently they've taken enough of my help and I'm done for a while, but I'm a "strapping young man" and I know how to effectively clean and organize.
4) Make sure my business including MS 51 is running smoothly.
5) Do a double check on my self.

And then, once I have all that finished, I'm going and spending 2 weeks in london. I'll have earned my vacation by that point.

I need a disclaimer at the bottom of wizard computing.
"All information is subject to change with out notice and all advice is to be followed at your own precaution."

I'll have to work on that a little, but I think it applies here too.

Good night all, hope your all getting by alright if not wonderfully. It's just being wonderful is hard and is rare, so be happy when it happens but keep in mind it will happen again.

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