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Rummaging though some old files I had left at my Godfather's house (a former residence) I found what was left of my Father's educational folders from my childhood. Why I have these files is beyond me, they seem like something that should belong in a baby …

Hey you kids!

To all my friends who are off to College for their first times.

Sarah and Myself would like to give you a glimpse into how things turn out after freshman year.

I love you Machall, I'm glad you are funny once again.



What's in a blog

So I finish this big fight with my brother. It was needless and fruitless and it drove me nuts. The cause of all the madness, me trying to help my father.

Go figure.

So I did some good stuff today to unwind. I got to hang out with a very good friend of mi…

4 of 4!!!!!

404? no! I finished my last final project!

I haven't Showered, or Shaved, or Changed since I started this thing 3 days ago. I want to play City of Heros! But I want to be clean a whole lot more. I also need to get josh melissa's rent (she's good for it) i…

3 of 4

A lot of talk coming about where I should live, what school I should attend, jobs, career choices, everything. I don't even want to think about it.

Final 3 of 4 was in Calculous. I did so/so. I'll know for sure sometime in two weeks.


2 of 4

I was too blown away by my second final last night to post. It wasn't *that* hard, it was just a mind fuck. Thank you Dr. Provine! I'll recommend this professor to anyone who wants to learn and can take a little bit of pressure. He's certainly not the typ…

1 of 4

I just finished 1 final and I'm left with the remaining 3.

My second one is tonight at 6:30.

At 10:15 I sat down for my symbolic logic final. I had actually gotten there early so you could say I sat down at 10:10 for the final but the professor didn't sho…


Tonight I saw A Perfect Circle in concert. They were pretty good and who ever was managing the show did them justice. The lighting, the set, the sound it was wonderful that manager did right by APC.

I have also confirmed my belief that even though it's an…

Spring Break

So I'm back. A week later and few dollars richer. I've decided that I can't wake up in the morning while in NYC. I've got an 18 year habbit of not sleeping at night in that city and while I tried quite hard, I could not break it. Thank god I have more luc…

TGI... the weekend!

Hello everybody.

Philadelphia is a wonderful city. It's got style, flare, and it's not New York. New York City is wonderful in its self but to have the same sort of gathering of culture somewhere else, filling a different city, its refreshing. And they ha…

Calc in SCIENCE BLDG†128

To add to my frustrations the one calc class that I got my self signed in to with the disdain of the department chair is the department chairs own calc class!!!!

The good news is it looks like they might close the class because it only has 3 people in it.…

Snooze is the Devil

I was reading. And its the reason why I got up at 8am this morning when my alarm went off instead of hitting snooze a couple of times.

(Going to bed around midnight helped too. In fact its probably the biggest reason. I'd hate to have to get up at 6am and…

Time to go back to school

Time to go back to school!
Who's with me?

In other news I commonly confuse the numbers 2 and 3. But in context it doesn't really matter anyway.

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