May 4, 2004

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I just finished 1 final and I'm left with the remaining 3.

My second one is tonight at 6:30.

At 10:15 I sat down for my symbolic logic final. I had actually gotten there early so you could say I sat down at 10:10 for the final but the professor didn't show until 10:15. I took the test and brought it up to the front. I wasn't the first one finished but I was hardly the last. I did rather well I think, there was nothing I couldn't figure out eventually.

A month ago I missed the second test for the class and my emails regarding the test were never returned. I also didn't return to the class myself... The past two weeks I've been a total wreck barely leaving the house. The two weeks prior I was a partial wreck and defiantly didn't have things together.

So to study for the class I sat in Starbucks and did the semesters worth of homework, and today, it payed off.

I apologized for my absences and I showed him I had done all the homework. Then I asked him about the missed test, asked him how he wanted to handle it. Now for what I didn't expect. Dr. Bigaj handed me another version of the test I missed and I sat back down.

It took me all the time for the final but I was able to finish the second test and hand it in on time. I even did the extra credit. Dr Bigaj even took a few pages of my homework.

I like this guy Dr. Bigaj and I'll recommend him as a professor for anybody. I screwed up in his class but I learned the material and he's still going to give me a grade based on that. I'm dam lucky.

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