January 18, 2004

Calc in SCIENCE BLDG†128

To add to my frustrations the one calc class that I got my self signed in to with the disdain of the department chair is the department chairs own calc class!!!!

The good news is it looks like they might close the class because it only has 3 people in it. The worse news is that I don't know if I can get signed into another calc class with out seeing him first.

I'm not liking this at all, not one bit. On top of that he's a bad teacher too. I checked. I'm seriously thinking not going through with this. Everything is just a fucking challenge and I don't want to put up with it. Not one bit, not at all, not in the slightest. =0!!!

UPDATE: =0!!!! I just checked up on it and it turns out the class is almost full not almost empty!

I don't dig this you see.


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