January 25, 2004

TGI... the weekend!

Hello everybody.

Philadelphia is a wonderful city. It's got style, flare, and it's not New York. New York City is wonderful in its self but to have the same sort of gathering of culture somewhere else, filling a different city, its refreshing. And they have good cheesesteaks.

I consider myself lucky. I have Calculus 3 days a week (monday, wednesday, friday) at 8am, and Symbolic Logic twice a week (tuesday and thursday) at 9:50 am. I've got other classes in the morning too (Computer Lab Techniques, Intro to Java Object Oriented Programming, and Micro Economics) just not that early but thats not the point. I'm lucky because I don't have Calculus with Dr. Charzar (I don't want to remember his real name - he's better as a pokemon) I have it with Dr. Howe. He was described to me by 3 different people as a hippie but an excellent teacher.

I've been getting up early ever day this week. So friday after my 8am to 8:50am class (my only class of the day) I came home and slept for 8 hours and I felt great! Like Toni the tiger.

I'm in a war with my drunk neighbor who's blasting music so loud its shaking things because we were a little loud last night. We don't try to piss them off. I happen to like the father and the kids. But the lady she's going down.


PS They Finally shut the fuck up.

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