January 13, 2004

Bad day, good day

I had a good weekend hanging out with bill and his girlfriend. (Sarah too) I had never met her before but I told him that I approve. (I do.)

The next day I spent with Rowan University. I had a bad time and I didn't even finish everything that I needed to do. So I left and I have to finish the rest by phone or internet. I was also denied a loan for next semester and had to beg the head of Mathematics to let me retake calc again (as I got a D this semester - and withdrew 2 other times as I did all my classes last year.) he never wants to see me again but he let me do it.

Work was good today. I go back tomorrow. Having some trouble finishing a lab due to that teacher that runs it but it should blow over. I hope.

I've had quite a few people tell me that I should change majors. My academic advisor, the head of the math department, my calc teacher... I've heard "Math just isn't your thing, your not good at it." and other statements.

Fuck You people.

I go back to rowan saturday. This has been one heck of a month.


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