September 21, 2004

Kings Highway

I used to hate Kings Highway. It runs from roughly north/south on the east side of brooklyn and swerves left and right, up and down, and grows from 2 lanes to 6 and back again. It just got in the way most of my life. But now I've got a job on it and can't imagine how much of a pain getting around would be with out it.

I popped a tire a while back driving on it. You see... the problem was I had never driven on it during the day time.

Anyway, it rained on saturday and now I don't have to wash my car.

And... there was something else that was funny and ironic. I forgot what it was but instead I'll leave you with a quote form Yoplait.

"Together we can lick breast cancer."

It sounds so wrong for such a good cause.

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