January 11, 2006

Pleix films

If people are going to read this I might as well write a little.

Pleix films
I found this site from stumble a few months ago. It's got a bunch of weird and neat shorts heavily compressed and skillfully done. The kind of stuff I wish I could do on the weekends, without really having to get heavily into it. (But of course it requires a lot more work then that.) It's art.

Today on Digg I found their "netlag" video (go to them to see it). Imagine you save the photos from hundreds of webcams all over the world and plot them so they're a map of the world. And then play the photos in sync with each other, fast. Days become seconds and you see the sun rising and setting as the different cameras update their images.

We're taken over North America and then to Europe and down to Hawaii. It's really cool.


PS I asked them about a higher quality version, I'd love to host it (I didn't tell them that) but if you're from Pleix consider this my offer, I've got lots of bandwidth to spare. =) © 2023.
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