August 13, 2004

The Beastie Boys and Spike Jones

So I've had The Work of Director Spike Jonze for a while now. I was saving it to watch with someone but.. what ever the curiosity got the better of me, sorry.

Most of his music videos rock. You only get to see him slightly during the test for the Rockafella skank video (which never was produced but led to..) and the Praise You Video which he was the lead dancer. Everybody (But the Beastie Boys) described him as cuddly and fun, perhaps like a teddy bear. They all liked him but called him weird.

It seams like Spike was just the weird kid up the block who started making movies, short, long, and music. And he has really good ideas. He even directed being John Malkovich. Like.. the guy rocks.

Anyway The Beastie Boys had their own little commentary about some of the videos (so did a few other people) which lasted like 40 minutes. The entire time one of them bitched about not getting paid and how other people probably didn't get paid either. And how people probably wouldn't work with him now because they wouldn't get paid.

"Spike is a friend, he's just cheep."

Oh man. Also..

"Billy Corgan he's a jock, he's a gangster jock."

I have no idea where this is coming from. But... anyway the Beastie Boys never disappoint even if they are fuckers who want to fight everybody.

"Would Billy Corgan ever do a video with Spike? No, because Billy Corgan is a financially wealthy person and he knew Spike would take all his money."

I bet Spike owes one of them 10 bucks or something. Jeesh.


"That dog probably sued Spike."

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