November 17, 2004

Who has my Amelie?

It's gone, I don't know who has it. It's a good dvd (double disks box set iirc) and an even better movie. And it can't be argues that Audrey Tautou isn't perfect for the role of Amelie in Amelie. Whatever catch her character has whether it be the "I caused trouble to help someone and it worked" smile, or her "I'm spying on people because I find their behavior facinating even though I know I shouldn't spy on people." grin (It's ok, she's harmless. sorta like a grown up Harriet the Spy - who btw has definitely grown up in the past 8 years - I always do this - Back on topic.), or maybe because she's just cute in her ways, works perfectly.

I'd give Amelie 5 stars in my (new) little library program, if only I knew where my DVD was so I could catalogue it.

PS. Jason gave me a nice christmas idea, one I'd like to use too. (more on that later) Never mind I don't bother giving winter gifts on a holiday. I may call them Christmas gifts (or if I remember Chanukah gifts) but really, around this time I try to find things that yell or scream about the person, and then I buy it. For for the 3 months of winter most of my friends get gifts. With the exception of famiy who normally gets gifts on Christmas due to the fact that if they have nothing under the tree from me I feel bad. (Tradition)

Also wether (a misnomer Frank pointed out to me) means "A castrated ram". © 2024
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