December 8, 2004

All I Want

Or Try Seventeen as it also goes by is an alright movie. It started kind of odd. "Jones" our protagonist played by Elijah Wood is a 17 year old kid who's just arriving (alone) to college. He takes one look at his room mate and drops out and gets his own apartment. The Netflix sysnopsys says its to work on his writing skills but that's wrong. Jones does write, letters to his unknown father. He comes up with some nice alternate versions of events to write about - these are portrayed in cut scenes that fail to convince me that Jones is imaginative and therefore should be a good writer.

He spends his time like any other kid with no plan and lots of money does, he learns how to work on cars, shoot a gun, open wine bottles (something I've had down since I was strong enough to open one - I used to beg to open them for my parents as a kid), and flirts with the two girls that live on the same floor at him. (Jane and Lisa or Franka Potente and Mandy Moore) Oddly enough he's too young for Mandy Moore (born in 84 and 18 at the time of the movie) but ends up hitched with Franka Potente (born in 74 and 28 at the time of the movie) and Elijah Wood himself is actually older then Mandy (born in 81 and was 21 at the time of the movie - and in the movie he successfully argues that he's 21 to a liquor store clerk. He claims he has a bone disease.)

I kept saying to myself that I recognized Jane from somewhere. As it turns out she's the star of Run Lola Run.

I'll give this movie a 3 out of 5. Mostly for potential. Maybe if it had a reworked last half hour that seamed plausible and didn't seam rushed I'd give it more.


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