June 7, 2001

Brooklyn Day

Tomorow is Brooklyn Day. No school so now I finaly have time for some work on some hardware upgrades and fixes. You would be suprised how far people can let their computers go. So I'm going to format my mothers old windows 95 machine and upgrade it to 98 or ME (not sure wich would work better for her). I also want to setup a networkable modem for my house because of our lack of broadband. And the availability of phonelines. I'm also getting even madder at micosoft and I'm thinking about making my main machine dual boot linux with microsoft. While I'm loving linux I still grew up on Gate's faulty coding. Eventualy when I stop playing as many games I'll make a full switch. Look for a poll later this week (If I'm deft enough to get it working) and enjoy your days.

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