November 12, 2003

Bleeding heart

What was that? Oh yea. It's a Mad Mad World.
Donnie Darko - Mad Mad World

So while its late now, its nothing compared to the fact that around 6am last night I realized I had to wake up at 9am and goto school. Sleep finally did come to me in the form of several naps through out the day. I'm about to sleep right now. I have to.

I got my car back from the shop. The only thing broken was the break lights. I'm sure I'll do a follow up post about the entire thing but I'll sum it up with; I had the mechanic do a large amount of maintenance and a few repairs.

Total cost: $1,150.57

At least it purrs and the transmission feels like its brand new. If you own a car please don't treat it like its a magic box, learn how it work and why. Take care of it. Same goes with computers, too many people have crippled computers because of ad-ware etc. They don't know how to maintain them properly. Too many people have the same problem with their cars. Anyway I'll explain the cost later.

I have my second (of 4) Discrete Math exams tomorrow. I'm scared to shit I won't be ready in time.

I got caught up at the bank and was late to a Computer Science and Programming lab. I didn't finish it - most people didn't but since I was late (I caught up to everybody else.) I can't hand it in late. What ever. I'm just pissed because I'm probably one of the best students in the class and I'm not going to have a grade to show it.

Donnie Darko Storm

I need a stinking job. All my work references are in New York. I should work in NYC repairing computers on weekends. It would pay the bills and I'd get to explore the city.

I got home today to find our kitchen counter flooded with water. (And my brand new box of earl-grey tea soaked.) I cleaned it up and then shut the water to the sink off. It took two very separate trips but I got the gaskets and washers I needed and fixed it. The hot water tap will no longer leek, I didn't touch the cold one.

I should be a plumber. Since I've moved in I've replaced the innards of our toilet (pain in the ass - new toilets are a lot easier), changed our shower head (this one has a much better flow and different settings), and now the sink. I can see the bathtub seriously backing up one day (Melissa has lots of hair and sheds.) and the other side of the kitchen sink flooding things. Plumbers make good bucks too.

Craig is moving out. Money problems I think. Melissa is graduating and hasn't made plans to leave yet. Me and Josh are thinking of moving our selves and getting a new place with a bunch more people. Bigger nicer and cheaper. Sound good to you? Does to us.

Panther crashes a lot. I upgraded my laptop to it and I have to say I'm almost regretting it. Hopefully there will be some patches in the horizon. Stupid computers. I could leave this thing on for a week or two with out needing a reboot (and I heavily use my computers) with Jaguar, now I doubt Panther could go two days. Time will tell.

Wish me luck peoples, I'm going to bed.
Donnie in bed

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