November 25, 2003

Jagged Little Sleeping Pill

Last night I went to sleep after drinking some tea and taking a sleeping pill. I don't remember what exactly was involved but this morning I came to my computer to find this away message on my computer.

drugs - they'll make you seep

specifally if thats what the doctor todl them to do

I must have been out of it :-p

Read more for some responses.


09:48:59 : that is an away message and a half
09:48:59 reconbot: drugs - they'll make you seep

specifally if thats what the doctor todl them to do
09:49:07 : were you coherent?


06:28:03 reconbot: drugs - they'll make you seep

specifally if thats what the doctor todl them to do
06:28:11 : lol
06:28:17 : that is a good one
06:29:45 : does he do some chant or something?


And then last night I had a conversation with Sarah. I don't remember this either. Ohh man I was out of it... I don't even know what I was trying to say.

03:39:46 reconbot: so umm
03:40:02 reconbot: leave him a laef dx9t t0 tej do0r
03:40:23 reconbot: it geels like I'm thying with mittons on
03:40:30 reconbot: but it sdjut me
03:42:16 reconbot: and my eyes thry don't hel[ mcu do they - you need to rela on what you have to be abel to do anyhtihng - that work anythings - all I know is that its aloing an tpppl a ;arbejimber p
03:42:47 reconbot: i feel as if I'm being pullded in
03:43:11 reconbot: threcreen sin't flaut anywwhermore
03:44:12 reconbot: im sorry
03:44:18 reconbot: xllllllxlxlldp
03:45:45 izabelle17: oh man francis
03:45:51 izabelle17: are you drunk or over tired ?
03:45:52 reconbot: I'm sorry
03:45:58 reconbot: you got o give me a moment
03:46:00 reconbot: I'm about to win
03:46:03 izabelle17: win ?
03:46:07 reconbot: I'll whit this
03:46:07 izabelle17: not be pulled in ?
03:46:17 reconbot: its me sarah - I am already in it
03:46:27 reconbot: I lmsot hav e it donew with
03:47:27 reconbot: rage and death all machinge yo
03:49:17 izabelle17: breathing under water?
03:51:44 izabelle17: .. i am getting so tired right now.
03:53:15 reconbot: I'm ...
03:53:19 reconbot: crashing
03:53:23 reconbot: not liek from food
03:53:27 reconbot: just I can't function
03:55:05 reconbot: good night
03:55:12 reconbot: muserf slpeep
03:55:30 izabelle17: :(
03:55:31 reconbot: its like being drunk but not as bads adnf but o=woworrdfcc=ce'
03:55:37 izabelle17: ?
03:55:40 izabelle17: i dont get it.
03:55:41 reconbot: worse
03:55:41 izabelle17: sorry
03:55:46 reconbot: g'sssl tight
03:55:59 izabelle17: :/
03:56:02 izabelle17: goodnight
03:56:03 izabelle17: be well.
03:56:05 izabelle17: feel better.
03:56:18 izabelle17: :(
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