December 4, 2003

Good News and Bad News.

Because I believe that you should get bad news first, I'm going to give it to you first.

Defendant Name
Payment Information
Transaction Date
Penalty Amount
$ 98.00
Convenience Fee
$ 3.00
Total Paid
$ 101.00

The convenience fee seems to be a penalty for paying the ticket online. I got this ticket on my approach to Clayton a small town/speed trap near Glassboro. The speed limit changes 4 times with in a mile and they'll nab you at any point. I wasn't even aware I was in clayton when they metered me, and I wasn't even aware I being followed by a cop until he detained me in the laundry-mat parking lot.

Clayton Police have some of the nicest cars I have seen. They're on par with new york city cruisers. Now I figure that a small town like clayton with probably around a 1000 people living in it can't bring in that many dollars when it comes to taxes. But I do know quite a few people who have gotten tickets in Clayton... I hate small town cops.

Anyway on to the good news.

I can receive Instant messages on my phone for no cost to me. =D
I can't sent them though - I don't even think my phone is capable.
I also will not tell you how here you'll have to ask me.
Needless to say I'm pleased about it.

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