December 9, 2003


Just a warning: To my Dad, my family my friends. This semester hasn't been the greatest academically. I will have more credits to show then I did last semester. I mean I dam well better, no excuse this time - not that the excuses mattered anyway. I'm at risk for loosing my financial aid because of the grades. Unfortunately it will be several weeks until I can know for sure what will happen.

I just want to say that I'm waking up. I've found the spark that's my confidence, my ambition, my drive.

I feel really silly for saying this.

For the past almost 2 years I can't say I've felt... great. Today (tonight - its late - I've been thinking all night) I see some hope for me.

This winter break I want to work a lot. My personal bank accounts have fallen quite low and I want to work them back up myself. I also plan on establishing some credit as it appears I have none. Or at least not enough to buy a stupid cell phone.

I probably shouldn't say all this now... Its late, I'm tired, and I'm almost sure I'm less coherent then I think I am. I just don't want anyone to worry. It's not your place anymore. I'm growing on this life thing, its not easy but I'm far from failing. I just want to say that...

Good night.

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