February 11, 2004

Electric Lady Land

Like the album this post is named after I found these 3 things to be of interest this week.

The Buddylinks service (read: Virus) swarmed the nation last night. Sending unsolicited IM's with links to trick people into installing the program that sends out the IM's. Apparently it also leaves computers open to run any software buddylinks wishes you to run. Bad news I say. (Link goes to slashdot post on buddy links not the actual buddylinks it's self.)

The wonders of technology has brought us Self powered LEDs that light up when you tap them. These babies can be put in/on/near anything and will light up when moved. The Company that produced them say they look cool when put in water and swirled around. I'd like to note that kids would think everything from books to backpacks with LED's is cool, and that we're going to see a lot of these.

And lastly my favorite childhood game GoldenEye for the N64 had a major development today. After 6 years someone found something new in the game. A hidden and incomplete level that nobody has ever seen before. Its cool looking imho but its quite unplayable. I loved that game, I battled many of my friends in front of it too. Perfect Dark (not a sequel but a succedent game) was fun too but the blurry graphics made multiplayer a headache imho.

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