March 11, 2004

Life is like a Tree

I'm thinking in this tree analogy. I'm somewhere up where the branches start.

I'm not sure what to do.

You see. Josh isn't going to be living off campus again. Too many surprise bills, people owing you money, etc. I agree its stressful not knowing how much money you're going to have at the end of the month and wondering if its going to be enough. In the short term I don't have to deal with those problems, in the long term I do.

I'm doing well in my classes. Not 100% picture perfect but I know what's going on and I'm able to answer questions. Put those questions on a test and I pass the class.

I've decided to forgo the rowan summer registration. Rowan is expensive and I don't need to take my gen eds here for more money when I could be at any country college for much cheaper anywhere I please.

Where do I please? My good friends all have housing and have things they do. I need to find a place that will help me out. Give me what I need to do to thrive (food water exercise), time to study.

Where do I live? What do I want to do?

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