June 27, 2001

The new design, troubleshooting the new design, etc.

I finally got around to implementing the new design. I thought everything was going smoothly until I noticed that the php parser was not (and is not) recognizing the separation of news updates. Now, it's time for the famous troubleshooting process (oh you know, that meticulous dissecting of code for hours only to discover that the problem is a typo or simple logical error that you could have fixed in three seconds). I have to figure out whether the problem is in the php code, the html embedded in the php file, or the news text file itself. I thought that the cause of the error was the use of the period and line break as a separator of the updates in the news text file so I replaced each of them with the tilda (~). Apparently, I was wrong. Wish me luck, and if you're reading this, staff members, help! On an equally cheerful note, although I can ftp into roborooter, I can't telnet into it. =P
-mecha, student

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