April 13, 2004

Car crash

So I was in an accident last night. (I'm posting this late - but the majority of it was written on the date given.)

Sorry Mom, I know you would have liked if I called. But I was ok and (luckily) it wasn't life threatening. I watched the car in front of me hit someone and veer off to the left. I watched the black mass of tire fly towards my windshield.

"Holy Shit!"

I got some minor damage, the sprawling mass of rubber and steel impacted with the front of my car and got sucked under. It stole my front license plate, my left turn signal, some of the bumper, as it passed under my car it tore up the splashguard, smashed up my fuel line converter, and was thrown into the air behind me.

I was going to swerve... well I wasn't, it was an after the fact thought. Fortunately for me, the 2003 GSUV (Gigantic Sport Utility Vehicle) directly to my right would have agreed with me not swerving. Its wheels were as big as my bumper.

I was thinking I'm not ready to die, I'm content listening to my Phantom Planet and Eve6 (I've been waiting 4 years to get that Eve 6 cd.) I've got plenty of things I've never done, stuff I've never seen. I'm not even successful yet.

"All I think is that if you can find work, stay happy and find someone to share it with, you're a success." -- Dick Clark

I got lucky, I didn't die. I've been having to deal with my car, problems with school, with friends and loved ones, but... I'm glad I can. You know?


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