June 28, 2001

Troubleshooting and Notepad..

Just as a note to everybody, I hate Microsoft's notepad. It likes to do thing the microsoft way (wich is always wrong) and add a single charecter to the end of every line it writes (one that looks like this "^M" actualy). This is bad and evil and horrible. This is also the reason why the news was screwed up. I fixed the news entries and the dammaged php code.(I also implimented the new design thoughout the site. Oh and on a side note; It would be nice if someone who understood tables to thier fullest took a look at the staff.php code and fix the tables so when you add an include for the template2.html it doesnt foul up.

Last night I upgraded Petra to the Unstable release of Debian so the new kernal can be put into place. Quite an experiance for me (I'm only starting to get the hang of this, but I like it) but it also broke Apache's php4 module and the graphical login on my end, I fixed apache.
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