June 29, 2001

Staff page, tweaks, staff pics, notepad, and napster

It's hard to believe that using notepad was the cause of the problems. We shouldn't have to worry about that any longer, as I am now using nano. I fixed the staff page as requested and I am still tweaking the appearance of the pages. It's going to take some thinking to automatically insert staff pics in front of their updates. I'm pretty sure this will require an if...then block or a select case (switch) structure, but I'm not sure how the php will detect who the updater is from the news text file. I'll figure it out eventually (I hope).

In unrelated news, Napster is really cracking down on the swapping of copyrighted songs. It has disabled all old versions of its software and is forcing users to download a new restricted version. I don't know about you, but I think this is pretty sad.
-mecha, student

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