June 10, 2004

Harbor Fitness

So I walk up to my stoop today and find an add for Harbor Fitness with this naked lady squatting with her legs crossed right under their logo. She's not showing but she's wet, fit, and and on my stoop.

Now I don't give a shit normally. Pretty girls are pretty all the time I've never had a problem with a naked one either, and you know. Sex sells. But... we got an elementary school right across the street, a 2 Middle schools in the area and a lot of little kids. "Park Slopers" are breeding like crazy. There are babies, toddlers and little tikes everywhere. They shouldn't be seeing naked ladies in this context yet.

Let their hormones kick in first let them want to see them before we go around showing them naked ladies everywhere. No need to imprint this stuff in their heads when all they really care about is there toys, their friends and their family.

So I called Harbor Fitness and complained. Told them while I understand the basis of provocative advertising we have schools and little children all over the place.

"You still think its indecent even though she's completely covered?"
"Personally I don't care, but these kids don't need to be seeing naked women hanging on every house on the block."

She thanked me for my input and I hung up.

I doubt it will do anything. But If I get another one of these ads I'll get someone else to call. And hopefully other people will see it and call in as well. I feel like a crabby old lady who can't get with the times, but I'm not. I just don't want to see this smut around the kids.

That's all.


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