June 25, 2004

Yoga in brooklyn

Someone asked me about yoga in brooklyn.
There's plenty of places to go, I live in park slope so I walk over to union street to this place called Devi. I've only managed to attend one class so far (I've been to other yoga places in the past.) but the one class was good. I took a "hatha basic" (slow beginners - but not any less effective) class and it was amazing.

Yoga's all about breathing, and meditation. So it confused me when I started and we did all the poses and movements. But once your comfortable at what your doing you get into this rhythm and its just you and your breath. No thoughts, no pressures, you just keep pace. (If your on your own I guess you don't have to - but I'm nowhere ready for that)

I attended a few buddhist meditation sessions at a temple in queens. All they wanted you to do was sit and be comfortable, breath through your nose, and concentrate on the breath on the tip of your nose. Eventually you stop even noticing that and there's nothing but calm, you just keep breathing and your mind "cleans itself".

I got this feeling with the yoga, and the work out felt good too. So that night both my mind and body were at ease.


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