July 1, 2004


So I saw the sleep doctor yesterday. He told me that I was fine. Five years ago I was told I had horrible sleep apnea and would need a cpap mask and I wouldn't function right or sleep well without one. So now I'm being told that I "out grew" the problems. I snore a little, but only lightly (40% humans do) and it would only effect anyone sleeping next to me as I seem to sleep through it. He told me that couples who have a snorer end up sleeping on opposite sides of the bed and after time the other person could go deaf in one ear. But I don't snore that loud. He says I can get part of my pallet lazered off if I want or I could just loose some weight (done and done). I haven't been paying too much attention to my weight and its not bad, I'm also pretty healthy it seams so I'm not worried. I just need to exercise more.


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