August 7, 2001

I love to drive

I'm officially away on vacation right now but my mom needed to take a test back here in the city so I drove her in. I'll be here until sometime tomorrow, but I would like to make it back before people leave their camp fires.

Emily has taken this vacation time to learn PHP, she has created (from almost scratch) a completely new news PHP (we're not using it as of yet) it looked pretty cool and seemed to have some support for different users. It will be cool to see what she does with it.

I've taken this summer to teach my self Linux. Of course I'll never finish, but I'd like to think I'm getting somewhere. I'm living in a cabin in the woods right now. (I'll get back the 26th) I love it there, and I get to drive around there (as well as in the city, but who needs to?). Seven of us pile into the car and drive. We goto this lake thats nearby. Its wonderful out there, I love it. Oh and try out that should point to some of Emily's work.

Andrew has been enjoying his summer. He hasn't been doing much he says but he's loving every moment of it.

Mike is leaving for college on the 21st. Wish him luck.

Casey is a friend of mine who might become another member of this staff, he's pretty talented with MySQL and PHP. I don't see any reason why he shouldn't be with us but I just haven't talked with anyone yet.

Mike came over and helped me with Petra's new kernel. He couldn't get the net-card to work either (he tried a whole lot harder then I did too) so I stuck a new one in, and now its all good. (I got a few lying around)

"PHPNuke" look it up, you'll see.

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