January 22, 2005

Snow Drive

I'm never driving again. The two hour drive from Glassboro to Brooklyn took me 4 and a half hours today. I also leaned that living on a hill is never as good as they tell you it is, my car taught me this. I got stuck twice and had to dig my self out. The first time I got stuck I was by a pet food store so I put on my blinkers and walked down. I explained to the guy what was going on and asked him to point me in the direction of the kitty litter. He gave me some boxes on the way out.

I managed to dig out a clear path for my tires (they were drifting me dangerously close to the parked cars. Like within inches. I dangerously drifted back and forth driving almost sideways up the block.

I made it home unscathed, and without scathing. But goddamn I need snow tires or something.


PS I think it's time I showed some photos off. I'll show the rest as I finish the captions.

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