September 5, 2001

Why the hell aren't I in bed now?

Chatted with Francis the other day. Looks like we're going into the site hosting business.
We can't seem to generate any worthwhile content on our own, so drop me a line
if you're interested in doing it for us. I have yet to work out the details with Frances, but personally, I would find
running this an interesting experience. As for you, all I would like is: proof that you have a well developed concept in mind,
keep your page updated somewhat regularly, say once every month or two, and give us the final say on what you can and cannot post.
Now before you start thinking we're the Gestapo or something, bear in mind that we are a bunch of high school seniors. Our morals
leave something to be desired. On the other hand, try to keep things legal, and complaints to a minimum. Thats all for now, I need
to steel myself for school in eight hours.
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