September 9, 2001

PH33R D4 B33R

Well, I tried some Bawls the other day, and I think I'm hooked. I love Bawls. I mean, I just can't get enough Bawls.
I figured my dad should try it, cause he's just like that. He said as long as I tried some of his beer. You know
what? That crap is the bitterest liquid you could ever put down your unsuspecting throat. I almost puked. How the
hell is this shite so popular? People get addicted to drinking it! Addicted! My dad thinks its great that I hate it.
That way I won't ever have any more. It tasted like Pepto Bismol with foam! Man... Anyhoo, things may be happening
in the near future. You can be sure I'll keep you all in the dark until the last minute.
Wireheadedly yours,
-Rooney © 2022.
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