May 24, 2005

You've got a cup and you've got noodles

I went to make myself some Ramen noodles. Not just any ramen noodles but ramen noodles that I broke an egg over while I was cooking them. My mother told me that it was a tasty way she got protein with her sodium, back in college. It's easy too.

I went looking for the Official Ramen Homepage but found a better Official Ramen Homepage instead, complete with it's own Quick Egg Ramen. The other day I threw an egg in with a Cup Noodles and while I had to watch out for overflowing it seemed to work well too.

These guy's are always fun. "The next time you are in the mood for a long lunch, cook yourself some instant Ramen, the longest lunch!" And how.

That's all for now folks. Check back later when I post entries I started almost 1 month ago! Actually they were some pretty interesting stuff, makes me wish I had finished them back then. © 2022.
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