September 10, 2001


I'm looking at the empty Bawls bottle on my desk. Its kinda weird, makes your tongue go numb. Everyone should try Soon it will look like the main site and work 100% (for some reason you can't log out, I dunno why). Everyone (staff too) should make user accounts but don't get too attached to them, god knows what I'm going to have to do to fix it 100%. Also staff should email me about admin accounts.
I have gotten some flak about using PHP-Nuke as the site's engine but over all I think its a good move. Its going to allow users to add content and for us to make a community by removing the need to muck around small code and allowing us to make something here. I like what it can do.
Oh and Bear is nasty tasting. The expensive stuff isn't any better. But umm.. I wouldn't know.. yea..
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