July 2, 2005

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I was told to write something about "heros". I thought about the sandwiches but I was just hungry at the time. I wrote this and then got some lunch. I don't know if I'd call them all heros, but I'm happy they're around, and I guess that's enough.


This is a hard one, personally I know some people who to me are the most wonderful human beings I've ever met. Big influences in my life. You don't know them.

Publicly I'll list some names. These guys are on my fridge.

Shigeyuki Hori
He's going to save the world. With out him there would be no Prius, the first successful hybrid car. He's moved on to bigger and better cars, but he pioneered the technology that will let us get 40 miles to a gallon. My car gets 8-9 and it's hardly a guzzler. You can drive 4 times as far or 4 times cheeper, and here in the city with his regenerative breaking you suffer little powerless when frequently stopping. Very little waste. A hundred years from now our children will be praising this guy.

Jeff Hawkings
He might have figured out how we think. I haven't figured out how he thinks though, but I like his style.

Danger Mouse
A kid who remixed Jay Z's Black album with the Beatles While album and came out with Grey gold, his Grey Album rocks my socks so to speak. And his influence on the Gorillaz new album "Demon days" and made it my favorite album released this year. He started mixing in his bedroom and now he's in record studios and couldn't be happier. It's the way it should be.

More people.
There are people who I see every day that amaze me, these guys were featured in a wired issue a while back and I tore out their pages and put them on my fridge. I'd like to say I'll write more about this but I probably won't, just know heros aren't limited to these type of people on this scale. People in general can be really amazing.


Just to note, Jay-Z is not my hero.


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