July 17, 2005

Indian food (wine and Nan)

So I'm eating with a bunch of Columbia students in an indian restaurant on 6th st. I'm there with Tom and two of his friends from Rhode Island internship at a chemical plant (I think). One of them goes to columbia so we also have 3 more people from columbia.

6th street between 1st and 2nd ave in Manhattan has a lot of indian food restaurant. (The map doesn't really show them.)

We picked the pace we were in because they offered us free wine and Nan, both of which we had to haggle for and we got charged 20 dollars for an extra bottle (which we weren't about to pay for, 20 bucks for cheep wine is not cool, especially when it's free cheep wine.).

For being bad with names I think I'm doing alright, I remember everyone's but.. this kid one kid.. Hoy, Christine, Luna, Neil, Tom, Dan and I don't know remember his name.

Some lady (who didn't appreciate me asking how old she was) had a birthday. Loud indian party music and flashing lights with dancing and singing flooded the restaurant (unlike the cool air from the air conditioning they said they had). I took a movie. (loud)

A nice bunch, they all seemed like good people too. After a few of them split ways and we walked the village (twice over). Had a good time. I'll elaborate more later. I don't feel like writing now.

(oh more on, Ellie, Database work (oh man!), and how fucking hot it's been, even in the rain.)

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