August 5, 2005


I got a Kitten, his name is Alex. He's quite a kid he is. He's about 7 weeks old.

I just found out that Sammy died. I lived with her at my old apartment. She was really nice, a lovely cat.

I was offered Alex about two weeks ago (probably exactly two weeks by the time I hit save on this post.) by Jenny, who was given him by a Local Vet, who received him from a 10 year old boy who found him in Queens.

He was named after Alex Mack who was a girl, but to be fair when I named him I thought he was a girl. That's what I was told when I got him and I had no reason to dispute it until the vet told me otherwise.

It's nice having having a cat around, he's good.


PS Yes I know this is a mediocre post for all the inactivity lately. I've been working a lot, getting out a bit sorta. I'll write more next time. © 2022.
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