August 28, 2005

What a week it was

(OLD POST REVIVAL WARNING - This post originally intended to air on May 3rd but was never published. I finished it from some notes I left for myself and here it is in all it's patch worked glory. I apologize in advance for the break in flow, but there was almost a month lost somewhere in the middle. - And now months later I'm posting it.)

This past weekend I finally got out of the house and got to have some fun. I've been working.. a lot.

Thursday I went to a baseball game. I went to a baseball game not long after (with a little advice and help from one Tony White) I cracked the lid on a database that I've been working on for far to many months. Conceptually anyway. I wrote it all down and rushed off to meet brian in times square to go hang out at Yankees stadium, eat peanuts and drink beer.

Friday I worked all day on the database (got the processing time down from 3 hours to around 5-10 minutes) and around 6:30 I ran to go pick up a small warehouse full of packages. I was unloading them from my car and two beautiful ladies who were walking down the street decided to try to charm me out of my packages. They succeeded!

Nina got a few boxes of routers, and Becky made off with brand new dell laptop! Fortunately I know Nina and Becky and they were only helping and brought the boxes into my house. But honestly, I'm a sucker for a pretty face. They probably could have taken them home.

We parked, and got some Mr Falafel and met up with this kid named Yoni who needs to find some reason to smile more but seems like a nice kid, he got a muffin, and we ate in the park.

Oh man the park was beautiful. The colors, the grass, the ability to be thrown down on the grass and have it not be concrete or splintering wood. The sky! I enjoyed going there. We walked down to a concert/bar named South Paw and saw Tim Reynolds! That man knows how to play all the right notes.

I also found out around may 3rd that the Switch Proxy extension in firefox would slow everything down and if you told it to stop looking for updates and to stop auto updating it would stop slowing everything down. I have no idea if this is still a problem.

The next link I had on the list told you how to speed up the loading of pages in firefox and I'm pretty sure it still holds true. It's only really good for broadband connections as it basicly gets firefox to load more at once and display things to you sooner instead of waiting for things to finish loading. And things... It actually does work well.

Until next time.

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