December 11, 2005

Ehh, sickness

I'm a lot better, I'm not perfect, I'm still pretty sick, but I'm a lot better then I was. Alex didn't make me sick, I wasn't trying to suggest that, the cold, me forgetting to wash my hands a lot and germs made me sick. I was infected by the power of science ladies and gentlemen.

I felt a little sick, so I bought some Airborne, figured it would help knock the cold out. I fell asleep early.

I was really stuffed up and had a huge headache. (in my sinuses) I called off of work, and sorta groaned about for a while. I dressed warm and took lots of vitamins and the airbornes. Jason showed up and we worked on a project a little. (I can't tell you how much I appreciate Subversion.) As much as I was tired and felt like crap I couldn't fall asleep. I've got that problem when I'm well rested, maybe it was all the hot tea.

I was really stuffed up but this time in my nose mostly. My sinuses were doing a lot better and I didn't really have a headache. I was tired as hell all day, and I kept really warm (3 layers in the house). Jay showed up again and we decided to use some Ajax in the project we're working on, we didn't think we would be playing with that yet. I began sneezing, I don't know about most people, but sneezing really sucks for me. It hurts, a lot. I really hate sneezing. I played DOD:S and CS with mike and Jason in the evening. Fun was had by all, when Mike's brother showed up I let him use my machine to play, I was out of it. And all day, more hot tea, warm water, I used up the last of my airborne, and I got a new box of tissues. I used up my first box within hours on friday, I had that box for months.

I woke up on my own around noon, my head feels much lighter today. I'm still sick, and a little congested, and the congestion still shows signs of infection. But some vitamin C tablets I found, more hot tea, and some bed rest tonight should, hopefully get me in working order for tomorrow. I've got to work hard, every day next week. Finish up old projects, and start new ones.

I'm also going to be washing my hands, a lot. And I need to use a scarf, get a warmer jacket and as much as I love my hat, I need a new one of those too.

So keep warm people, and keep away from germs, Here's to a healthy and happy Christmas, and holidays for all!


PS Thank you Nick for telling me about the Airbornes, and thank you Dad for giving them to me. © 2023.
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