December 28, 2005

About as easy to find as a size 14 shoe

I spent yesterday walking around manhattan with my friend Brian looking for (among other things) size 14 shoes. Manhattan doesn't carry them. In fact most places don't carry size 14 shoes, they carry up to size 13. I'm a 12 personally, so when I goto a store looking for shoes I look for a shoe I like and try to find it in my size, Brian has to look for his size and then see if it's a shoe he likes. It's crazy.

So we went to the internet instead. Even though stores carried my size I didn't end up liking what most of them had, so I was happy to find a nice pair of Vans and order them online. Brian still couldn't find any decent looking shoes. He'll have to try again later.

But back to Manhattan, We went looking for either Vans or Airwalks, I'm a fan of sketchers too, but I wasn't in the mood. So we skipped the sketchers store and hit up about 10 different shoe stores on 34th St. In one store the guy didn't even know the brands existed. When we went downtown and walked a good chunk of broadway, we found a Van's billboard ("Vans: Off the wall since 1960") but only a few stores that carried anything close to the same style of shoe. I was disappointed with america.

And Thank You Vans for letting me know your off the wall, you're so off the wall you're not even in shoe stores. Jerk.

Today, I clean!
(Bathroom, outside, entryway, hallway, living room, kitchen, countertops, toilet, ..other.. and that's just the stuff I've cleaned so far. Who would think that such a small apartment would have so many places for dirt.)
This is going to take several days.

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