June 16, 2006

Money Money money!, It's a crime!

The title is from the famous song.

Me on the other hand, I just payed off all my bills and now have no money.

I should be working on that.

Especially if I want to move in august.

But today I couldn't.. I didn't go to work, I haven't even spoken with them yet because I don't know what to say. They know me, and my problems, but they've just about had it. I'll call them today if I get the balls... or tomorrow. I'm much better at apologizing when I no longer in threat of having to work immediately.

I also haven't been sleeping, which I think is why a normal panicky feeling which I could deal with has overcome me and umm "paralyzed" me today. I haven't slept in two nights, give an hour where I passed out on my couch and was woken when frank put on some music around 10pm last night. (Which is not a problem, I couldn't ask for a more forgiving/understanding easy to live with room mate, I occasionally shake the house with the music/movie's I play at night. The low notes like to travel up the heating ducts.)

So I'm up anyway, tired but not sleeping, I'll probably collapse tonight, and see how tomorrow works out. If I'm lucky I'll goto the beach =) but either way I'd like to get out and do... nothing, anything, doesn't matter.

And before the beach, I'll call my client and make amends for today, and maybe even go see them if they're free.

I also got my phone taken care of today a 20 minute phone call and $50 bucks later, I'm informed that my old phone is now their property, the new phone will arrive Tuesday/Wednesday, they'll have sprint cut the service off of my old phone automatically (so if it arrives late I'm screwed.. or I'll be calling sprint). They'll also be terminating their services with me, two phone replacements is enough for them.

Hey, at least by the end of next week, you'll be able to hear me if you're in a loud room. Just don't ask me for any money.


PS I dragged the spell check button in the Google toolbar to my bookmark bar and then got rid of the Google toolbar (it's annoying). So now I have a spell check button to the right of my links. And I love it.

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