July 8, 2006

Amanda UnBoomed

So as of right now lovely actress Amanda Congdon is off Rocket Boom, rocketboom.com currently has a messages stating she is moving to follow her dreams in LA, which would be nice, but it's a lie. Her dreams in LA included Rocket Boom.

She sums everything up on her own blog.

And, as it turns out, I cannot move to LA because our plan was for me to be engaged in, and compensated for, work on Rocketboom there. Since you will no longer allow that, I have no source of income and therefore cannot move.

Like... politics? Apparently she owns 49% of Rocket Boom too. As much as I've enjoyed her show, I hope she continues on to bigger and better things. The guy who started it, Andrew, he wants to keep it his, and frankly, Amanda, your face will look just as good reporting/acting for any other name.

For now she co-produces The Jet Set/ Show.


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