August 20, 2006

I want to make a comic about today.

I wish I had enough photos of today to make a comic. I went to the beach and the waves were fantastic. Like amazingly large and destructive. And by destructive I mean they kicked my ass. For example, I remember talking to Nick and Jason (who happened to be about 5 - 10 feet in front of me) and then a wave came, and Nick and Jason were about 10 feet above me. Now this wouldn't be a very good example if the wave didn't then crash on top of me and drag me to shore. It even dropped Nick and Jason back down to ground (from the 10 feet in the air it had them) albeit probably a lot more slowly.

It's also kite weekend.. or kite festival or whatever, and that is/was amazing.

Picture manta rays and white wisps of something.. floating above the air. Now imaging they were as big as a truck and also a kite. Jason thought some of them were inflated. I have no idea, but It seamed to go against some unspoken rule of kite flying in my mind. I bought a kite for $10 and we flew it as high as it would go, later when Nick got back from his walk we strung up our empty water bottles on the line. That was cool.

We then ate at Paco's Tacos on the way home (I even have a picture of that, but it's not interesting enough to share. Drove home, went out for a bit (The Tea Lounge is empty on saturday nights? I guess I'll learn.) and watched V for Vendetta after. That is an amazing movie.

V for Vendetta, is based off of a graphic novel. And I should really tell you about it one night. But not tonight. Good movie, watch it.

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