September 13, 2001

Hey, that's scary...

I feel really freaky now. Having fought my way from Brooklyn to the Upper West Side and my home and family,
I have yet to come out of existential-reflection-on-the-human-condition-and-mortality mode. Scanning back
through our news posts from the last couple of days, I ran into one of mine.

"...Anyhoo, things may be happening in the near future."

I feel all calm right now. On my way home, it hit me how quiet the city was. I've lived here my whole life,
and I've never heard it this quiet even at night. I'd like to give blood, but I can't because of the anti-deps
I'm taking. My dad, Gordy, is going tomorrow, as he's O+. I just realized that I have school today. After
spending tuesday as an impromptu counselor and organizer for Tech's grieving students in the auditorium,
I don't really feel up to school just yet. But I'll be there.
Let's just hope I don't drown my sorrows in bear...
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