September 4, 2006

I'd like to thank...

I'd like to thank all the people who helped move yesterday. Those who didn't have to ;-)

Cassie, Jason, Nick, Bill, Sarah, and John, you guys rock.

As for my flatmates, you guys rock too. I think this is going to work out well for us. =)

Just no more condensed Green Tea, OK Mike? It's not worth it, can't be good for you man. (It's not being good for me.)

Also Thanks to Em, and Marcel for my bed (worth every dollar, though it does squeak a bit).

Joe (former tenant) we've already left marks in the wall, floor, and front of the doors of the dart board. It's so much fun throwing metal spikes that I'll forgive you for leaving ketchup packets in the sink. We'll see how clean we can get the bathroom tomorrow before I forgive you for that.

Khalid, you left some jackets here and Dom is upset that you didn't recycle.

Bryce and David, you guys are pretty cool, good business sense, and a view of the world that is as wide open to run through as a field in a park.

Sarah, I'd still be in boxes if you didn't clean and organize all those books and movies. Thank you for the attention, writing down the supplies we needed, helping me pack, and for being wonderful company this weekend.

Frank, You've put me up for 2 years straight, you've mentored me, fathered me, and helped me get through the hard times. I'd be long lost if it weren't for you. This isn't the end of us, just the next chapter. I can't thank you enough, for everything. You'll always have my love and respect.

And Brian, I know you couldn't be here to help, so Rock on!


PS, I didn't mention everybody from the last few days, please don't take it personally, I love you too. © 2022.
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