November 7, 2006

raids, health care and hours of the day

I've been.. distant lately.

From this blog anyway.

Been working a lot, two jobs. Knothe, a mens aparrel company (mostly mens sleepware) where I manage about 30 users and computers, and do mundane (yet occatinally interesting) tasks with the production database. And Wizard Computing, where I go to clients offices after work or on saturday to fix things, or install phone systems, or servers.

I'm playing a lot with Microsoft's 2003 Small Bussniess Edition Servers lately. I've got two clients that use them (one I setup the other prexisting but non functional) and they're fun. Kind of practice for the enterprise servers I guess. I use the big 2000 or 2003 servers with exchange and a whole host of other network applications that we need to do our jobs at my day job, so that's practice too. Because well.. I don't manage any of my own yet, I haven't set any up. I just use them and make changes where needed.

And then I have this huge file server. It's what I was excited about in my last post. I haven't had the time to put aside to get it to work yet. And that's a little bit of a blow to the ego.

I got health care, I'm card carrying and everything. It's my reward for proving I'm work keeping at Knothe for the past 3 months. In another 3 I'll get 401K. It's very interesting working for a big(er) company. I could potentially make more money elsewhere, and I will one day. But this is steady work, steady income, and it's been very good training.

Training mostly for sleeping right.
Now don't get me wrong, I still stay up to late. And I still love to sleep. But I'm now able to sleep almost as soon as I hit the pillow, and I've been getting up pretty consistently at 7:30 in the morning. (Never mind I try to get up at 7). I'm also at work 5 days a week (I've only missed 2 days, and I was pretty sick.) and I've been managing.

Like, not every day, it's hard sometimes, but like.. I can push through and deal with things or I can stay home and make things worse by not dealing with them. So.. Which would you pick?

And I guess it's not always easy to see things that clearly either.It took me a real long time just to be able to deal with my issues (my paralyzing problems) and still be functional and do it consistently (3 and a half months so far). Almost 2 years I guess, not that for the past 2 years I've even known what I was trying to do.

I want to move on, I'm at work and I've been interrupted quite a few times now, and I kind of lost my overall sense of what I was trying to say there. (Advantage of being able to make computers take care of themselves for a while.)

Man, it's already 4:47? I've got a job and I've got to vote after work today. These hours fly right past you.

It feels good to write, it's been a long time and I'm out of practice. See you next time space cowboy.

-Francis © 2023
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